Jeremy Gaerke

Jeremy possesses over 9 years of experience in IT covering a broad range of areas that include: software design, development, implementation, and integration. Jeremy can function as a technical lead or team member and brings a background of understanding the costs and benefits associated to his technical implementations and solution decisions. Jeremy has a unique ability to quickly gain an understanding of the business environment he is working in and is an excellent communicator, a pragmatic decision maker and works extremely well in diverse team environments. Jeremy has a proven track record of adapting to diverse demands and roles spanning internal projects, client facing solutions and operational platforms. His recent experiences involved the implementation of .NET 4 web and web service applications which leveraged ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Webforms, WCF, WWF, ADO.NET EF, SQL Server 2008, Continuous Integration using Team Build, CSS, 960 Grids, TDD w/ NUnit, VSTS & Rhino Mocks, and client side development using jQuery, Knockout.js, and JSON based Restful services.