Steve Weaver, CSM, MCP

Steve possesses 14 years of information systems experience focusing in systems design, development, and implementation in the Linux, Windows/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 environments. His specialties include software design and development using the latest visual programming tools for n-tier solution development deployed on both traditional client/server and Internet interfaces. Steve can function as technical lead, team member and Scrum Master. A recent experience of his involves creating a line of business WPF application for a company in the financially distressed applicant auto lending industry. The system utilized .Net 4, Fluent NHibernate, MBUnit Unit Tests and SQL Server 2008. The system interfaced with industry API’s for NADA and AutoCheck as well as implementing Image Capture, Document Generation using Open XML Document Format, email via SMTP and Faxing via a third party hardware solution. The system was built in a modular fashion using Composite Application Library (Prism) and Test Driven Design. Steve’s design, management, and implementation experience demonstrate a track record of high quality software delivered through goal-oriented schedules.