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ETL With Scala and Native SQL – Part 1

For almost as long as software engineers have been using object-oriented programming languages to access relational databases, we have been lamenting the “impedance mismatch” between the two. The lack of straightforward language constructs to allow data to move cleanly back and forth between objects and tables led to the rise of object-relational mapping tools. ORM tools provide the illusion that the programmer does not need to know SQL. But for any nontrivial data access, the ORM just obscures the engineers’ view of the native SQL of the RDBMS which they are trying to generate indirectly by manipulating JPA annotations or Spring Data method names.

Functional programming can be the solution to the impedance mismatch. It allows for the wiring between objects and tables to be expressed cleanly and concisely without the unwieldy amount of code needed for using native SQL with the JDBC API. In short, OOP + FP + SQL = Better Programs.

This requires a language that truly supports both OOP and FP, along with a database library which does not try to be an ORM. In this article we look at using Scala with the Anorm library.

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