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Spring + REST + Angular: Consuming the API — Part 2 of 2

This series of posts builds a RESTful service that is consumed by an Angular front end. In this post we will create an Angular application that consumes the RESTful web service we built in Part 1 of the series. The source code for this sample application is on GitHub: https://github.com/thoward333/addrbook

Angular Overview

Angular is a JavaScript MV* framework. It is a very expressive framework and offers robust features such as dependency injection (DI), data binding, and templating. Angular can be used as a Single Page Architecture (SPA) application or used as a component in a traditional web application. For our Address Book application we will be using it to create a SPA application, which means the whole web site will be a single HTML page that uses AJAX to fetch data and dynamically update the page contents. Continue reading

Effective Bench Warming

One of the benefits (or detriments, depending on your perspective) of being a consultant is that there is occasionally some down-time in between projects.  Even though we typically have more work than available consultants, the logistics of coordinating our available resources with client schedules can lead to brief breaks while the next client is preparing to utilize our skills.  At Pinnacle, we refer to this time as ‘sitting on the bench’.   So, what do you do with this time?  Sit by the pool and drink margaritas? Well, not exactly, but it is a good time to take a vacation if you have not been able to do so in a while.  If vacation is not an option, or if you are just in more of working mood, bench time is an opportunity to sharpen the saw by learning new skills or refreshing existing ones.   I recently spent a few days on the bench, and found the resources below a great way to spend that time.   If you happen to find yourself with some time available for self-improvement, these items are a good place to start. Continue reading